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יום שני, 24 בפברואר 2014


For the serial crocheteuses no 210, I decided to go search Pre Columbian art in what is today Mexico,
I was inspired by this link 
Here is my little bird bag.
The other creations are here.

יום שבת, 8 בפברואר 2014

sc-n-208-pour-mon-amoureux and some surprises from my garden

This time, for the sc no. 208,  I have decided to make something for myself..... as there is no one particular sugnificant other now,  my self is the closest person  to the purpose of this chalenge.
So, here is a little red heart which decorates the entrance of my bathroom and a stool cover.
The other creations are here.
My garden is full pf surprises now, here are some of it.