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יום שני, 24 בפברואר 2014


For the serial crocheteuses no 210, I decided to go search Pre Columbian art in what is today Mexico,
I was inspired by this link 
Here is my little bird bag.
The other creations are here.

יום שבת, 8 בפברואר 2014

sc-n-208-pour-mon-amoureux and some surprises from my garden

This time, for the sc no. 208,  I have decided to make something for myself..... as there is no one particular sugnificant other now,  my self is the closest person  to the purpose of this chalenge.
So, here is a little red heart which decorates the entrance of my bathroom and a stool cover.
The other creations are here.
My garden is full pf surprises now, here are some of it.


יום רביעי, 29 בינואר 2014

יום רביעי, 18 בדצמבר 2013

יום שלישי, 10 בדצמבר 2013

Rouge et blanc - sc no 199

 A few weeks ago, the sc was all about making a cradle for our cat. I took an old pillow, covered it with an old shirt, thinking it will be the base of the cradle, but as it came out a triangle and quite big, I left it like that and did not publish it in my blog. My cat was rather pleased with the result but I felt it wasn't finished.

Then came the new sc, talking about making something with a stitch we never used before, so I added some little roses for the "royal sit" and a button using a technique new to me, but still I wasn't happy.
Eventually came the sc 199, res and white, and so I added some white roses and a white button, and now the work is completed, combining the three last cs.
So here it is:

 As for the desert, here is a cake I made las saturday, inspired by the idea of red and white....

יום שני, 18 בנובמבר 2013

SC n° 196 - Les années 80's !

The second half of the 1980ies was mostly spent by me studying at the University.
 I was a very devoted students, reading everything in the reading lists.

So, when the challenge of the 80ies came about, I made a little owl, honoring the Godess Minerva (Athens) -  the Godess of Wisdom, Intellectual curiosity and Knowledge.

The design was adopted from this youtube tutorial.

Here is my little owl.

יום חמישי, 14 בנובמבר 2013

sc n 195 - Granny square

A few months ago, I came across an "african flower" tutorial and I made a few of it, so I had enough to make a little bag, It's now in my bag, I use it for cosmetics.
When Isabelle suggested the challenge of the Granny square, It was a chance to make something new. so I made a little purse for change money.
Here are my two creations together.